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K.A. Security Services Limited, known as KASS, is an experienced solution provider that operates throughout South Sudan.  As an entirely South Sudanese owned professional entity KASS represents a team focused on the development and growth of its people.

Fully regulated and licensed to operate in South Sudan, KASS specializes in providing pro-active, preventative solutions built around the needs of our Clients.

Our Services

Guarding & Risk Consultancy Solutions

KASS offers guarding solutions based on minimizing Client risk providing static guarding, access control and foot patrol response to a diverse range of Clients from corporates, diplomatic missions to retail and commercial industries within South Sudan.

Close Protection Services

KASS provides fully vetted, discreet and experienced Close Protection Officers with journey management services for visiting corporate and diplomatic personnel movement supported by mobile emergency response teams.

24 Hr. Emergency Response & Evacuation

The KASS Mobile Response (MRT) and First Response (FRT) Team offers rapid response services to emergency and panic activations from KASS Central Control Room in Juba.

Our Products

Alarm Systems

Wireless alarm and panic button systems with sirens, door sensors and motion detectors offer peace of mind and protection in highly sensitive areas.  Alarm systems are linked to our central control room with 24 hour mobile response teams available to respond to emergency activations.

Vehicle Tracking Units

KASS installs and monitors ‘state of the art’ vehicle tracking and journey management systems from their central control room on dedicated monitors.  Live reports and movement updates are readily available on request.

Active Tracker

Pocket size tracking units equipped with GPS tracking to enable real-time geo-location is light and easy to carry in a waterproof and shock proof casing. A panic button feature and two-way communication alerts the control room of an emergency and activates the KASS mobile response team.

Our Training

Guard Training

KASS guards undergo security training at the KASS Training Center before deployment to site.  Basic first aid and firefighting techniques as well as an emphasis on human rights and the use of force in included in the training syllabus.  Where required customized site training is offered as well as regular refresher training on site.


The assurance of the safety and security of personnel is the single most important duty of care of organizations sending staff to potentially hazardous or hostile areas.
KASS offers Hostile Environment Awareness Training based on local conditions which can be tailored to organization requirements.   Through this training a level of competence and confidence is built to ensure with staff are as well prepared as possible to deal with a variety of situations.

Basic & Defensive Driver Training

Driving on different and difficult terrains, breaking techniques, skid control and collision avoidance both on and off road form the basis of our basic and advanced defensive driver training courses.  These courses can be tailored for different types of vehicles and requirements.

Tailor-made training packages

The KASS Training Center is equipped to offer a range of tailor-made training packages based on organizational requirements.  For further information contact our team directly.

Our Partners & Associates 

IDG Security Limited and K.A. Security Services (KASS) have teamed up in a locally based South Sudanese Joint Venture as ‘IDG-KASS’ to offer the United Nations (UN) in South Sudan the combination of IDG’s international experience and KASS’s rich South Sudanese experience.
IDG KASS Company Limited has been specifically created for the sole purpose of supporting the UN as a bespoke, focused and dedicated contractor. Currently providing an explosive detection dog capability to local UN missions.
KASS Group Limited, KGL, represents a diverse group of companies focused in the field of security, property, agriculture, consulting and logistics. The operational team consists of a core group of experienced individuals and consultants spread throughout East, Central and Southern Africa.
KGL values are represented in the strength and integrity of their people, the belief that each person contributes to the success of what is achieved and that working together so much more can be achieved.  Perseverance in the face of diversity and the optimism to keep moving forward sets this group of companies apart.

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