About Us

K.A. Security Services Limited (KASS), a 100% South Sudanese owned Company, founded in June 2010 has one of the largest footprints within South Sudan with over 200 locations countrywide.  A total security solution provider, legally compliant and fully registered, KASS Security, deploys highly trained and specialized guarding personnel from their operations in Juba, South Sudan.   
As a responsible and committed South Sudanese Company, KASS Security understands the importance of respecting, upholding, and protecting human rights in all segments of society (public, private, and non-governmental) and strives to ensure that each member of the team upholds and promotes this behaviour.
The KASS approach offers security solutions focused on risk assessment and mitigation of risks without compromising on safety. The goal is to identify and satisfy Client’s needs, whilst supplying a cost effective and professional security service.   
In 2015 the South Sudan Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture awarded KASS a Certificate of Appreciation in appreciation and honour of the outstanding contribution towards economic and social prosperity within South Sudan.

What KASS Can Offer

As a well-established South Sudanese security provider of both man guarding and technology solutions KASS offers its Clients the following;
  • Mix of organizational capacity building security services and a technical management approach for day-to-day security operations;
  • Sound knowledge and understanding of the South Sudanese security and regulatory environment;  
  • A range of international standard technology based solutions, managed and supported within the local environment;
  • Sound knowledge of risk management, security, contingency planning, and crisis management in the local and regional context;
  • Several years of experience in;  
    • Public and private sector security and risk management at all levels of operation, from overall security programming and coordination to field program and protection services.   
    • Emergency response, securing locations, and coordinating critical actions with senior program management in response to incidents.  
    • Advising clients on security management as well as on physical security improvements, equipment, and cost effectiveness measures.  
  • Advisory staff available on call for 24/7 emergencies 

What Makes KASS Different

KASS is 100% South Sudanese owned and focused.  The company is best positioned to deliver on countrywide requirements, better poised to develop and implement a robust security roadmap and deployment that includes:
  • Improved risk management: Our recommended solutions are built around both human resources and technological developments creating a balanced approach to risk management and monitoring. The net result is a higher level of security per dollar invested.
  • Cost savings: In lieu of costly reviews or mitigating potential problems as they occur, KASS proactively addresses security concerns with a sound strategy focused on prevention.
  • Single point contact: dedicated resources are readily available to respond to day-to-day operational concerns.  Our senior management has an ‘open door’ approach to Client engagement.
  • Quality assurance:  forms an integral part of KASS structured approach to quality management and contributes significantly to the delivery of successful projects.  
  • Staff helpline: has a direct impact on the delivery of KASS service levels addressing employee welfare, reducing absenteeism rates, increasing staff retention and demonstrates a duty of care to our staff in remote and outlying areas.
  • Peace of mind: After strategic site and area assessments, our Clients are assured that potential security risks have been identified and addressed in the most vigorous and cost-effective way.