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I am expressing my sincere gratitude and thank to Mr. Kerbino the Founder and CEO of KASS Security Services Company Limited for extending a helping hand to me during this economic hardship in the Republic of South Sudan. I was not able to pay for my school fees at Kampala University to achieve my educational goal.

I am very thankful to you for kindness and sympathy. I have no more adjectives to express my sincere and heartfelt thanks for your understanding of my situation. I am very privileged to having you as my mentor and to entire KASS family.

I am praying to God almighty to give you continued strength and ability to lead KASS family to better future under this current inflated economic situation and wisdom to continue guide of our entire management process as the company is branching in different KASS projects. Once again thank you!

Besides the assistance I had from you. I have known your generosity of giving KASS a lot of good things, among them a hierarchical management structure that will produced specialists in each fields from different departments since there is a clear communication lines from up to bottom.

I heard of KA Security Services Company long ago from my family and very close friends to Mr Keribino, the Founder and CEO. Finally I came to know more about him through Mr. Wayne P. orlandini, the then General Manager widely known to KASS family as (GM) and current Chief Operations Officer (COO).

This was the turning point in my life meeting a selfless and visionary manager whom I called a father who told me more about Mr. Kerbino as a straight forward, approachable young South Sudanese entrepreneur and investor with superior human skills and development oriented for young South Sudanese in our country.  He added that he had never ever met a gentleman at his age before like Mr. Kerbino.

From there I became a privileged member of KASS family in Juba in Sept 2016.Thanks Mr Wayne P. Orlandini, Chief Operations Officer for KASS Group Limited (KGL) for the opportunity I had through you and for being part of the team for one year now!

When I met with Mr Kerbino, the Founder & CEO later he was painted that way according to those words. Sometimes when we chat with friends of KASS family Most of them would be contemplating if we can have more people like him to invest in South Sudan, it would be easier for young people to achieve their dream through employment from investors who put people first then profit!

I remember few month later the company in the person of Mr Kerbino came with numerous social and community development projects like back to school loans for families who would not be in position to pay school fees immediately and Bursary aid to those who want to continue with tertiary education but who cannot afford to raise school fees.

This where I applied and became one of the beneficiary of Mr Kerbino’s bursary aid assistant.  Finally, as our new General Manager Primus Wanga has taken over the steering of the bandwagon strongly, still we believes things will be the same leading to better future of achieving our slogan ‘Going the extra mile 2017’!


I shall always be indebted to you!

With sincere Thanks.

Bior G. Lual

Easy Roster Department, KASS HQRS

Juba-South Sudan

My KASS Experience

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I (Taban Evans M) joined KASS family when I was 24yrs in Jul 2014 after successful interviews for four days. We were sitting in a small office with the GM, Director and the Finance Manager. KASS Security was one of those companies looking for people with faith to build up the company from lower to upper profile companies through hard work. I was motivated by the Director Mr. Kerbino after he had promised me a way to study should I supported his business. Surely after two years of services I asked him for an offer and successfully he let me through.
My first appointment as HR/ Admin was supposed to be for two months. The company was running with only three managers (GM, FIN and Ass Ops Mgr.) however following my struggled by putting what is not existing to exist as seen below, the Board was very happy.
After one year service as the HR/ Admin, In June 2015 I was promoted to be Administration Manager, to oversee HR & Admin departments.
In Oct 2016, I was promoted to an Operations Manager (Out-stations) till date. My three and half years working for KASS Security has very much improved my life career, not only financially  but also knowledge through overseas studies and more responsibilities making me feel grateful, honored and respected teenager at an my current age amongst the team.
Proud of KASS Security despite the challenges faced throughout this struggle.
“Walking the extra mile 2017”
Submitted by: Taban Evans – Outstations Ops Manager